Badi’ Charani - Managing Director, Brown Eagle Group

Badi’ serving as the Managing Director of Brown Eagle, a provisioner of products, services, and solutions for major infrastructure, industrial, railway, energy, medical equipment & emerging technologies globally. With more than 20 years of experience providing executive leadership in both startup and multinational environments, Badi’ is an expert in International trade of Business products.

Badi' is is well-known for developing innovative operating, sales, and product strategies to drive profitable growth in complex, highly-competitive industries. Possessing a combination of innate leadership abilities combined with hands-on technical skills, Badi' seamlessly guides end-to-end business operations while ensuring optimal performance and fiscal responsibility. This refreshing “lead by example” approach, combined with his sharp business and financial acumen, lends to an ability to seamlessly collaborate across geographic, functional, and seniority boundaries.

Badi’s career successes span from securing contracts for multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects to leading the development of best-in-class e-commerce marketplaces levering AI and other emerging technologies. Regardless of the project or sector, Badi’s affinity for innovating and creating allows him to repeatedly transform concepts into thriving business entities.

Badi' possesses a Master of Science degree in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California.


Peter Simons - Advisory Board Member

Peter Simons, CEO Europe and USA
A Dutch national living in Spain, Peter has extensive experience in project management, sales, consulting and M&A activities in telecom, industrial and technology companies across Europe and USA. Peter was an army officer training army and air force cadets (including pilots) at the Royal Dutch Academy in the Netherlands.

Peter holds an MBA from University of Chicago and MSc in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology.


Sanjay Pareek, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Sanjay with a team of software Engineers in Bangalore has been working for the past 3 years on developing the proprietary b2b e-commerce platform for BE. He serves also BE Tech and leads technology teams to meet the growing internal and external BE Technology service mandates.

Sanjay has over 16 years’ experience with software engineering, management, and direction of product development in China, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Canada, and India. Responsible for building and managing a top-flight technology team and overseeing research and development. Sanjay holds Master of Computer Application – Software Development/Management and Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur India.


Manpreet Singh - Project Manager- Data Science

Manpreet is a Seasoned Data Analytics Professional with close to 16 years of experience in the Data Science Industry. He has expertise working on Industrial Manufacturing Analytics chiefly for (ERU) Energy, Resources and Utilities clients. In the past he has delivered analytics projects for clients in energy, mining and metals and renewable energy industries in anomaly detection, predictive asset maintenance and optimization. He is an expert working on IoT data from machines. He works on agile mode to deliver quick results and return on investment. Has had brief stints working with BFSI, Retail and Digital Marketing and has delivered end to end data analytics projects on the inquiry to cash cycle.

Manpreet holds a Masters degree in economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics.

Hammad Younas, CRO-GCC

Hammad has over 15 years of experience with clients in the MEA, he managed products supply from global suppliers, coordinated the local required tasks to complete transactions and secure revenues. He has a P&L ownership role for MEA and handles the complexities from local rules and regulations for cross border transactions. He has managed multi-million $ transactions and customer satisfaction efficiently.


Sidheshwar - Data Engineering Consultant

Sidheshwar has worked in Research and Development, Innovative technologies such as Internet of Things, Robotics, AI, Predictive Data Analytics. Having an experience of 9+ years in building platforms using C, C++, python, JS. Adapted Cloud Technologies from last 6 years and built more than 25+ platforms using Cloud Technologies. Which includes domains such Financial services, E-commerce, NLP based Chat bot technologies, Security based video streaming platforms. He has also completed more than 50 certifications in various technology. Apache Airflow, Apache beam, BigQuery, Dataprep, PySpark, Kubernetes.
Specialisations : 1. Google Cloud Production AI platform 2. Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer 3. Google Cloud Professional Architect

Ramesh - UI Designer

Ramesh is a UI Designer with 10+ years of experience. A professional graphic designer with skills in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and wireframing tools (Figma, Adobe XD). Also He has worked in WordPress, Front-end development, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Design and prototype of interaction flows, User interface design, Visual design and Wireframe design.

Arnav Balyan - Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer having vast experience in Real Time systems, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Authored several research papers based on Secure Communication Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks. Also pursuing System Administration, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Anubhav - Data Scientist

Data Scientist with a proven track record of success within a team-oriented environment. Seeking positions appropriate for someone with a goal-oriented approach with thorough, hands-on experience in all techniques of Computer Vision (object detection, Semantic and Instance Segmentation), NLP (LSTM, Bi-directional LSTM, NER) Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

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